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All Rise!!! Live Hearings at ZudgeZury

What is a Live Hearing?

A Live Hearing is conducted by a Zudge where users can resolve their dilemmas in 1-1 real time live video interactions. Zudges set their own pricing and users choose whom they like to interact with. Live Hearings are 5-15min sessions by appointments in a 2 hr window or via Emergency Z11 activation. Live Hearings are viewable by other members who can also give gifts or provide comments. Recorded Live Hearings are in the archive ready for other viewers.

What is the maximum on number of Live Hearings by a Zudge?

Only Zudges can conduct Live Hearings and earn Tokens. The maximum number is 32 for a Trainee Zudge, 96 for a State Zudge and 160 for a Federal Zudge per cycle. The current cycle reset is the 1st of the month. A Supreme, Celebrity or Guest Zudge is not subject to any cap.

Can I ask anything on the ZudgeZury platform?

Yes! Whether it's a Dating or Family concern, or a travel, or shopping question, we have you covered. Share your concern and options via text, voice, or video. ZudgeZury has many more lifestyle areas where members can help you out too like Pets or Sports or Investments etc. Of course per regulatory requirements, nudity, obscene or discriminatory content or language and posts promoting criminal activities are prohibited.

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