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Zudges vs Zury at the ZudgeZury App

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

What is a Zury or Zudge?

A Zury panel is a group of people who will deliberate your choices and help increase your confidence in making a wiser decision. With enough case experience, a Zury is promoted to be a Zudge who can now do Live Hearings and earn tokens. Zudges earn their status by completing cases and maintaining quality ratings in responses and time.

How to register as a Zury on the platform?

All users begin as a Trainee Zury and will have a personal star ranking for quality and time of response. Users can be promoted to be a Citizen Zury by earning tips and rewards from fellow members in the community and at the same time, follow and have followers as well as friends.

Can I choose my own Zury or Zudge?

Of course, we certainly want users to have that option although we encourage a neutral third party whom may be able to give a more objective response. But again, if the Zudge is someone more familiar with your special situation, it would be useful.

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