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ZudgeZury Social Ranks ~ Watch your ratings!!

Are there ranks for a Zury or Zudge?

Every new user is a Trainee Zury. With enough case experience and quality ratings on responses and time, a Zury can be promoted to be an Assistant Zury, Associate Zury or Citizen Zury. Once a Citizen Zury has met the threshold, a user can now join the ranks of the Zudges. All Zudges start as a Trainee Zudge. Promotions are to a State Zudge, a Federal Zudge and subsequently a Supreme Zudge. Anyone can experience being a Zudge by buying a Guest Zudge pass. Influencers who have more than 1 Million followers in any Social Media channel are appointed as Celebrity Zudges. The key difference is that a Zudge can conduct Live Hearings by setting their own price.

How do ranks change?

Users are promoted with experience and need to main certain levels of Quality and Time ratings to stay at the current rank. Subject to change, initial MyZZ requirements for Assistant Zury = 10, Associate Zury = 25, Citizen Zury = 50, Trainee Zudge = 250, State Zudge = 500, Federal Zudge = 750, Supreme Zudge = 1000. For a Zury, the average Quality and Time Ratings need to be maintained at 3.0 or higher while its 3.5 for Zudges. Zudges are also required to do a min 5 Zury duty per cycle. The current cycle reset is the 1st of the month. Users will be promoted or demoted based on these monthly cycle audits. Celebrity Zudges are also subject to Quality and Time rating audits while Guest Zudges are temporary ranks and not subject to audits.

Tip: Zury 30 Z11 Questions accelerate MyZZ count and ratings. Do not be late for hearings.. there will be rating penalties.

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